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»human«, issue 1/24 - digital English Version
 »human« is Germany's first magazine to focus on the impact of the AI revolution on politics, business, society and culture.

In the new issue:
AI-Agenten: Autonomous AI agents will soon take over many activities for us. What does this mean for our lives?

The hunt for the Killer-App: no one has yet managed to turn all the possibilities of generative AI into a truly resounding business case. But perhaps the "killer app" is much closer than we think.

AI in Recruiting: AI can help to eliminate unconscious bias, make more informed and fairer personnel decisions - and thus fulfill the promise that many companies have been making for years.

How to fight organized crime with artificial intelligence:
Gabriele Failla, Brigadier General of the Financial Police ("Guardia di Finanza“) in Naples, explains.